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Buy Kindle Fire HDX in the USA. Where to buy Kindle Fire HDX tablet in New York, L.A. ChIcago, Atlanta, Seattle, Miami, Dallas, Houston, Orlando, Tampa, Austin, Boston, Denver, Minneapolis, Philadelphia

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Buy Kindle Fire HDX tablet in the USA

  Kindle Fire HD
Kindle Fire HDX
$ 179.00

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  Kindle Fire
Kindle Fire
$ 139.00
  October 22, 2014

Amazon announced a new line of Kindle Fire tablets incuding the new Kindle Fire HD (7 inch), priced at $139, and the Kindle Fire HDX

Kindle Fire is the second-best-selling tablet in the USA after Apple's iPad with about 7 million units sold

The Kindle Fire HD comes in two options either with a 7 inch (17.8cm) screen or an 8.9inch (22.6cm).

Kindle Fire HDX also comes comes in two options either with a 7 inch (17.8cm) screen or an 8.9inch (22.6cm).

Amazon's new Kindle Fire tablets stood out for their low prices, especially compared with Apple's popular iPads. Amazon dropped the price of an entry-level high-definition Kindle Fire HD to $139 from $199. (Apple's newest iPad starts at $499). Amazon introduced two versions of high-definition Kindle Fires HDX at price starting from $229. The new high-definition Kindle Fires are priced lower than competing tablets in part because of support from advertising.  

Kindle Fire HD is world’s most advanced 7" tablet. Here are some of Kindle Fire HD features:
- Resolution of Kindle Fire HD is 1280x800.
- High definition LCD display comes with polarizing filter and anti-glare technology for rich color and deep contrast from any viewing angle.
- laminated touchscreen reduces glare in sunlight
- Kindle Fire HD is world's first tablet with dual-band, two Wi-Fi  antennas and Mimo (multiple-input and multiple-output) radio wave technology to improve their connection to the internet.. This antenna provides 40% faster downloads and streaming
- excellent  surround sound with Dolby audio and dual-driver stereo speakers
- 1.2 GHz dual-core processor with  PowerVR 3D graphics core made by Texas Instruments
- Kindle Fire HD comes with HDMI port - making it easy to connect to a television
- Kindle Fire HD comes with integrated support for Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! and more exchange calendar, contacts, and email. In addition, Kindle Fire HD features  free Skype video calls with front-facing HD camera.



Where to buy Kindle Fire HDX tablet in the USA?


Where to buy Kindle Fire HD tablet in the United States - Online Store?
If customers from the USA wish to buy Kindle Fire HDX tablet online, first place to look for it is, obviously, at Amazon. In addition, at Amazon's Kindle Store you will be able to get all Kindle accessories and Kindle books. Shoppers have become familiar to shopping at Amazon because it is a great way to shop from the privacy of your house without having to run to a shopping center or store. If you buy KindleFire HDX tablet from Amazon it comes with free two-day shipping (for US customers only).

When you buy Kindle ebook reader, you'll have the advantage of shopping directly from the Kindle Store for books, newspapers, magazines or blogs.  Kindle's features and the extremely large selection of over 670,000 books offered in the Kindle Store, have made this wireless reading device the bestselling product at Amazon.

Where to buy Kindle in the United States - Physical Stores?
It is posible to buy Kindle in all Target stores, Staples, Best Buy, Walmart, Fred Meyers and Toys R Us stores. The Kindle was firstly made available at Target's location in Minneapolis, and few weeks later customer were able to buy Kindle ebook reader in New York, Chichago, Seattle, and Los Angeles. The Target stores were the first brick-and-mortar stores in USA offer to buy the Kindle ereader.

Kindle ebook reader is Amazon's innovative  electronic reading device that wirelessly downloads books, magazines, newspapers, blogs, and personal documents to a sharp , high resolution electronic paper screen that looks and reads like real paper. Kindle ebook reader fits comfortably in one hand for hours, has an e-ink screen that is easy on the eyes even in intense sunshine. In addition , it has free 3G wireless and up to a month of battery life (with wireless off). Customers can read and sync their Kindle books on iPhones, iPod touches, PCs, BlackBerrys, Macs and iPads devices or in other words you can start reading book on the Kindle electronic reading device, switch to the iPod Touch and basically go back and forth without losing your place.



Where to buy Kindle Fire HDX in California, Texas, Michigan, Florida, Georgia, Washington, New Jersey, Colorado
Buy Kindle Fire HDX in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Seattle, Dalas, Austin, Houston, Boston, Denver, Tampa

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